Open Formazione is a body that has received accreditation from the Emilia Romagna regional government for the training of unemployed, continuing and ongoing education and training, for special categories of clients and for services for labor, under category 2 accreditation, for the areas of Bologna and Casalecchio di Reno.

Open Formazione’s specific trait has always been that of acting on behalf of people with different types of vulnerability (people with issues related to addiction, socially disadvantaged people, minors in a vulnerable situation and with school and family problems).  It offers its training and professional paths, both in terms of skill assessment and support in job placement, on one hand, strengthening their specific skills and, on the other, promoting their ability to face the workplace and stay in that situation.

Open Formazione also boasts a great deal of experience in designing and implementing training programs for personnel working in educational settings, especially  in the areas of substance abuse,  adults in vulnerable situations, migrants, disabled, minors, pre-adolescents and adolescents. This section of Open Group deals with designing, managing, monitoring and assessing projects, with different partners at the local, regional and European level.

It works in constant collaboration with Bologna Local Unit of the National Health System providing training programs for doctors, educators, social workers who work in the government Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Program.

It also has a convention with Oaeser (Ordine Assistenti Sociali Emilia Romagna), the Board of Social Workers in Emilia Romagna, in relation to activities connected with the Continuing Education  of Social Workers. It is authorized by ODG (the Board of Journalists) to perform  activities related to the professional training of journalists.

Open Formazione offers courses open to the public on different issues including group dynamics, conflict management, motivational talks, facilitation, prevention and treatment of addiction, immigration, Roma and Sinti, damage control, relation in educational settings, community work, etc.  It promotes activities oriented to the promotion of personal well being, always tied to the themes of the individual, family relations and parenthood.

For info: Giulia Zabini, tel. 335.5741879, giulia.zabini@opengroup.eu,  formazione@opengroup.eu

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