A team of operators specialized in job placement assistance offers its experience to workers, unemployed, under-employed, enterprises and social services and health services at the local level.

Through customized actions and opportunities we offer a professional consulting that is addressed specifically to people in a vulnerable situation, who have trouble finding their placement in the job market. We deal with job placement, orientation and training in collaboration with Open Formazione.

Service for individuals
The people accepted in this program have the possibility of being included in an orientation program whose purpose is to give them greater awareness of the resources they must enhance for an effective job search.

Individual orientation programs

Skill assessment

Building your Cv

Individual training programs

Professional training programs

Internships in companies

Training internships

Support for work experience

Group workshops

Thematic groups (the job market, types of contracts, work agencies, searching for information)

Workshop for active job search through: drills and exercises, simulations, role playing

Mutual and self help meetings about work (experiences and personal testimonies)


Services for companies
Companies that avail themselves of our services will receive a professional consultation on issues related to hiring and placing personnel in the company.

Working closely with Open Formazione, we suggest that the company subscribe to becoming a Promoting Body for all types of training internships provided for by current legislation (Regional law 7/2013) and specifically those falling under the C category  (disadvantaged individuals  on the basis of art. 4 of Law 381 and disabled individuals…)  and category D  vulnerable individuals assigned to social and health services.

Informational meetings with companies about the possibility to activate internships/trainings.

Consultation for managing job placements of disadvantaged people (disabled, refugees, inmates, minors and people in a vulnerable situation): selection, profile assessment, tutoring and support

Constant support for company tutors through targeted consultation

Fulfilling the mandate to hire disabled individuals through art. 22 (Regional law n. 17/2005)


Support for social services and health services
In collaboration with Open Formazione we pay special attention to those people who, being in a vulnerable situation, have a difficult time finding placement in the labor market.  With the recommendation of the local social services (SerT, DSM, Servizi Sociali, ASP) we can plan customized paths for their re-entry in society and in the wok world focusing on the growth of their professional skills and across the lines.

Taking charge of people upon recommendation of social services and providing individual orientation

Activate all the actions listed above for interventions in behalf of disadvantaged people

Possibility of accessing funding (FSE, Province of Bologna, Foundations) to activate paths to job placement  (workshops or training internships)

Periodic meetings with social services to compare and assess experiences.

For info:
Via Cesare Abba, 18/b Bologna
Tel. 051.474768 Fax 051.474768

Mattea Crivellenti, tel. 345.4744013, mattea.crivellenti@opengroup.eu

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