As provided for by art. 22 of Regional law 17/2005, Companies can fulfill the mandate to hire differently abled people by activating a convention stipulated between the Company, the Metropolitan City of Bologna and an accredited social cooperative, such as Open Group.  The convention, which has a minimum duration of one year, provides for the transfer of work commission from the Company to the Cooperative to cover for the cost of hiring the disabled person, his/her support and training.

Based on these relationships between the Company and the Social Cooperative, which are always monitored and guaranteed by the public administration, we generate a true virtuous cycle that makes possible the entry into the labor market of people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it, and would, therefore, constitute a cost for the collectivity.  Vice versa, through the collaboration between Companies, Cooperatives and local government bodies, it is possible to contribute to a general increase in the well being of the whole community, giving back dignity and autonomy to people through their labor.

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