The project Abc Digitale develops training and promotion paths for digital culture within formal and informal settings, both with adults and children. In building these paths, our central concern is that of placing people and their skills at the center. All of this from the viewpoint of articulating and proposing specific needs, which are those of being informed, interacting, being able to express oneself, protecting and managing problematic situations.

Abc digitale is aimed at all those subjects who are interested in learning skills, the education of children and youth, their own training and knowledge of digital environments and its possible application to interactive and professional settings, as well as building a way of being online that is as consistent as possible with their offline values.

The project provides recipients with current topics, innovative training programs, news and feature materials which they in turn can then offer to their own professional, family or school settings.

In compliance with the European Conceptual Reference Model DigComp 2.0 that ABC Digitale project places digital skills in the broader framework of accessibility and citizenship rights, the needs of those who potentially benefit from the information and communication society.

For info: Monica Campion, tel. 3334855352, monica.campion@opengroup.eu

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