Psychoactive substances and addiction behaviors increasingly permeate and affect different aspects of life; addiction can refer not only to substances but also to behaviors such as gambling, problematic use of internet and new technologies up to the extremes of withdrawing from society, compulsive shopping, psychological affective addiction… These new consumption scenarios involve different age groups and appear to cut across social class and cultural settings, and thus are not only indicators of poverty, marginality and deviance.

Over the years, together with the local government bodies that help drug addicts, Open Group has sought to activate grassroots services and projects starting from the needs of the clients, in line with the approaches and objectives of the Emilia Romagna Regional Administration.

Starting from this orientation, we have traced a system of services capable of offering multi level interventions, according to need, developing proximity functions, damage and risk reduction interventions, therapeutic programs of variable intensity to treat pathological addiction, citizenship projects side by side with accredited residential programs that are accessible to different target populations.

Open Group is part of C.N.C.A (Coordinamento Nazionale Comunità Accoglienza)


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