Lavanderia Splendor (Splendor laundry) offers advanced garment processing and a tracking system to assist facilities and productive activities. Garments are identified with a barcode or a microchip and managed thanks to especially designed software.

Splendor Lavanderia provides clients with a wide range of services from alterations to a new ozone sanitation treatment, to rental and purchase of goods.

Splendor was awarded a 9001 certification for its quality management system and a 4065 certification for its bio-contamination control.

Its value added feature compared to other industrial laundries is the positive social effects it has on the community. Besides hiring one third of its work force from disadvantaged people, it trains and provides jobs for people who are overcoming substance abuse or are leaving other difficult situations.

Garment treatment. Garments already bearing a barcode or microchip are picked up at the client’s address and placed inside sealed, polyethylene bags. Upon arrival at the laundry, a barcode reader suggests the most appropriate type of washing to the laundry operator.

Garments are hand pressed and at this stage the ones that are not properly cleaned are sent for additional treatment to eliminate spots or for alterations.  Lavanderia Splendor can offer its services to social and health facilities and public ones enjoying a VAT reduction status for washing, pressing and mending services for facility guests. Its innovative automated assembly of orders system allows delivery of a package containing the entrusted garment directly to each guest, ready for storage in his/her wardrobe.

Garment tracking: the system is based on electronic traceability of single garments, the software also uses a special electronic shelving that is designed and manufactured by the Elettromeccanica section of Open Group, thus eliminating operating costs inside the rest home, as it allows for a secure and fast assembly of orders.

Open Group markets the entire system of garment management, which thanks to collaborations with qualified companies, includes automated shelving, barcode readers or microchip, customized software for remote access to many accounting and control functions.

Ozone sanitation treatment: Lavanderia Splendor is equipped with a sanitation machine for linens, shoes, clothing and all sorts of objects (pillows, blankets, motorcycle helmets, suitcases, toys). The machine can be transported to the clients’ site and they can stipulate contracts for periodic sanitation.  The equipment can also be used to sanitize rooms and environments (garage, campers, walk-in refrigeration boxes, saunas, etc.) thanks to an additional, versatile and easy to handle machine. Ozone is a natural gas that oxidizes and destroys 99% of virus, bacteria, mold and mites in a cheap and ecological manner, leaving a pleasant fresh and clean feeling.

Rental of miscellaneous goods: we provide our clients with the opportunity to rent or purchase top quality goods. We make available to social institutions and facilities no ironing, linen and bedspreads, in a variety of colors and a wide array of pillows, washable mattresses and accessories for incontinence.  We offer environmental emergency kits to companies (for accidental liquid spills), dust repellant rugs and operator’s platforms, lockers, top quality cleaning rags, sales and installation of state of the art hot air hand a dryers. We also carry uniforms and work clothes for care facilities, companies and laboratories.

Lavanderia Splendor, Vicolo Artigiani 7, 40069 Zola Predosa (BO)
Tel. 051.759199; Fax. 051.6184889


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