Elettromeccanica is Open Group’s plant for electrical and mechanical assembly, located in Pontecchio Marconi, near Bologna. With its more than 20 year experience in the manufacture of control panels and control units (for the control of lifting equipment and other automated systems), the manufacture of assembly kits and packaging, mechanical and electromechanical assembly work, Open Group Elettromeccanica is among the most reliable third party manufacturers in the industry.

The crowning achievement of Open Group Elettromeccanica is the manufacturing of custom made electrical wiring designed by the client, which has become very more competitive and reliable thanks to using automated and semi-automated equipment to make the cables. We also manufacture small lots of electronic circuit boards with traditional mounting and wave soldering.

The twenty workers of Open Group Elettromeccanica operate in a modern environment consisting of two plants with a total surface of 1300 square meters. In 2015, we were awarded the TUV certification for ISO 9001: 2005 and that lead to the optimal management of production flows, guaranteeing a highly competitive, high quality final product, complying with EC rules.

Open Group Elettromeccanicas’s value added feature is the integration of disadvantaged people in the workplace. More than half of the 20 people who work there in fact come from health and social recovery programs. Through their work Open Group Elettromeccanica seeks to promote active rehabilitation, enabling those who live in a marginal situation to gradually re-acquire personal dignity and self esteem, with a daily support of a tutor.

It is a concrete effort to face social issues, but it is also a valuable resource for companies which by collaborating with cooperatives like Open Group can fulfill the mandate to hire disabled people by subcontracting to the social cooperative and paying the hiring expenses for the disabled person, who is then hired by the cooperative (art. 22 della L.R. 17/2005)

Open Group Elettromeccanica can list among its clients some of the most important industries in Emilia Romagna. It has been collaborating actively for some years now with FAAC Group, Ravaglioli SPA, Sele srl, Dugomrulli SPA, Rimec Group…

Open Group Elettromeccanica
Via 1 maggio 9/1 Pontecchio Marconi (BO)

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