Demetra Social Bike is a workshop devoted to the sale and repair of bicycles that grew out of a project aimed at job placement for disadvantaged people. The shop and workspace is located in Via Capo di Lucca 37, next to Bologna’s bus station and just a few steps away from the central train station, and brings together commitment to the environment and social objectives. Demetra spreads a culture of bike mobility while encouraging recycling activities. In fact, it even repairs abandoned bicycles and gives them a new life!

Inside Demetra one can find a wide array of Second Bike, used bikes that are cheap and in excellent condition as well as new bikes, electric bikes and rental bikes.

Demetra Social Bike – New and used bikes, repairs and accessories
Via Capo di Lucca 37, Bologna
Tel. 3316408229 –  051 248224
Open Tues – Sat 9:30-13:30; 15:00-19:30. Closed Sundays and Mondays
Info: bici@opengroup.eu

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