We work at the border between communication and journalism, between social mediation and social media management. We develop experimental and cross-cultural projects, in which the use of every digital tool stands side by side with skills in the management of initiatives with grassroots participation. However, we also have experience to offer press office service, that combine traditional skills with innovative tools.

Social communication: we are specialized in the production of contents related to the service sector, with great attention for empowerment techniques and involving grassroots participation in constructing the message.

Participatory boards: we coordinate publishing boards made up of citizens for the creation of micro and local information blogs, for audiences seeking transparency. Until October 2016, we coordinated a citizen board that created the Pilastro 2016 blog, which now operates completely independently. We are also coordinating a citizen board that starts from the European project Salus Space which publishes the Salus Space Story blog.

Brand journalism: any enterprise can become a publisher by communicating directly through social media blogs or Internet sites. Our production of contents may vary from one that is more directly tied to the brand to news and story telling about related themes, for a more innovative and riveting kind of communication.

Social media management: we can use any type of digital tool and social media, we are constantly monitoring the evolution of the digital world, we deal with crisis management.

For contacts: lucia.manassi@opengroup.eu

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