Libera Radio-Voci contro le mafie is a media project born in 2007 out of the collaboration  between Radio Città del Capo  and the antimafia association Libera (Libera – Associazioni nomi e numeri contro le mafie)  Libera  Radio is an online newsroom, a radio program and since 2011, its director Federico Lacche  is also in charge of information  for Libera Emilia-Romagna.

The newsroom section has as its goal giving priority to news concerning developments in organized crime and their systems, but also to promote the development, especially among the younger generations, of critical thinking, memory and civil engagement on specific issues.

Libera radio mainly seeks to reach and involve the youth and people who makes daily use of multimedia tools to get information, communicate and socialize. At the same time, by spreading the radio’s contents through social media, it can reach a broader and more diverse audience.

The newspaper, directed by Open Group operates in connection with the Libera Informazione Foundation. Among other things, it has produced the first video investigative report Senza Regole on the criminal, economic and culture advance of the different Mafias in the Emilia Romagna region, produced by Giovanni Tizian, Laura Galesi and Federico Lacche.

Together with their journalism and informational activities, for some years now Libera radio has launched digital media education workshops aimed at middle school and high school youth, as well youth centers and meeting places. So far over 3000 young people have been admitted to its broadcasting facilities and have produced  tens of hours of radio recordings and formats, laying the foundation for a large sound archive of young people against Mafia  and for legality.

This activity has also served as start up for community and local web radio, permanent youth multimedia boards supporting the Consigli Comunali dei Ragazzi and Forum Giovani (Youth City Councils and Youth Forums), the creation of Legality Observers next to City Administrations.

Especially in the territory of Bologna and Modena, Radio Libera has launched actual collaborations with the local administrations, the associations, and sections of the business world (including Alleanza 3.0, Agenzia Cooperare con Libera Terra, Legacoop, Arci), has promoted the training of teachers and leaders in the association and business world on the topics of legality and built promotion activities for a culture of legality. Finally Radio Libera is the network of local, national and international relations it has built with the protagonists of today’s anti-mafia movement including scholars, magistrates, police bodies and their officers, public administrations and associations, entrepreneurs, journalists, people in witness protection programs, centers of documentation and legality observers.

For more information and contacts: federico.lacche@gmail.com

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