A complete service, communication agency oriented towards topics of sustainability, mobility, social and ecological communication. We are a production house and so much story telling in video and info-graphics. We are a team of people who have been active in the communication world for over 15 years, operating both regionally and nationally.

We bring together our individual knowledge and teamwork, and offer our clients all services and needed supports to build effective communication campaigns. Though we were raised in the cooperation world, we have always believed in the concept of enterprise as an asset for the community, as an important value that cannot be separated from the local communities. This is the reason why large cooperative agencies and public bodies have chosen us and entrusted us with some of their campaigns.

Bibi Bellini, bibi.bellini@opengroup.eu, tel. +39.051.0458070
Matteo Poppi, matteo.poppi@opengroup.eu, tel. +39.051.0457630

Our portfolio:

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