The Elastic project is funded by the European Community through the Erasmus + program, specifically Key Action 2 which supports, among others, Strategic Partnerships in the field of adult education. In line with the priorities of the European Community, Elastic aims to improve digital skills and use of ICT tools by institutions working in the welfare sector, by their operators and in general by their networks and collaborations. Particular attention will be dedicated to the improvement and speeding of internal and external communication flows in this type of organizations.

The project partnership sees the participation of 10 organizations from 5 European countries (Belgium, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic and Spain) belonging to different fields more or less directly connected to the social inclusion of vulnerable people. Open Group is the coordinator of the project, three other partners are involved in welfare and education, 4 are European or national networks, one is a University and one is a social research and training body. A partnership that is therefore very articulated and diversified, built to guarantee maximum complementarity and wealth of points of view and experiences on the common theme.

October 2017 – October 2019

The partnership included 10 organizations, from 5 European countries (Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium)
4 Service providers in the field of social inclusion;
4 European or national NGO networks;
1 Training institution;
1 University.

The participants in the project activities were (21 in total):
Adult social workers directly active in the social inclusion of vulnerable people (homeless, migrants, other minorities, etc.);
managers involved in service management;
other staff involved in administrative and communication related tasks.

The project implemented 3 training and mutual exchange events, during which the participants were able to learn good practices, new tools, successful projects related to the use of ICT in the field of social inclusion. At the same time, exchange visits were carried out between the partners in order to further improve the content of the exchanges.

Main result:
Enhanced digital skills and ICT tools use in social work organizations and their operators and, in general, their networks and collaborations.


On Participants and Partners organizations:
Increased use of ICT tools learned during ELASTIC;
Better and more effective information exchange and systematization of the communication flows;
Strengthened communication among their local networks;
Strengthened efficacy of their intervention.


Impact on the context and stakeholders:
Support to social inclusion of vulnerable people;
Enhanced efficacy social inclusion service provision management by Public Entities, NGO and Public Bodies;

European Union





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