The Youth section of Open Group stands out for its dynamic character, the variety of services it offers as well as the themes it develops. Policies concerning youth by their nature cut across the issues involving local policies, such as social concerns, culture, health, innovation, the environment, security and the law, They affect youth, adolescents s well as the citizenry as a whole.

There is a multitude of services we make available, including workshops in the schools and in extra curricular activities, street education, initiatives in youth hang-outs, tutoring and scholastic support, groups for adolescents, teaching Italian for youth who are not native speakers, cultural activities,  digital education, thematic services, interventions  for care givers, adults and guardians,  setting up informational and awareness raising events.

All of the above contributes to the Youth section fostering processes of development and innovation which materialize as start up incubators.

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