Open Group has decide to place the word “education” next to the term “citizenships”, because it is convinced that it is thread running throughout its offerings. Citizenship skills are, in fact, a set of understandings, abilities and human qualities that are necessary to support the development of the individual and collective wellbeing.

A lot of attention is devoted to the processes through which individuals participate in the construction of their own knowledge, producing at the same time a shared culture. All the actions undertaken, the methods and the techniques employed attempt, therefore, to assist the subject in acquiring participation literacy, i.e. the social skills necessary to effective participation in the life of a community, anywhere they might be (even digital ones).

The workshop training sessions are characterized by a high degree of interaction. Because of the capillary spread of digital technology that has taken place in the past years, traditional tools and methodologies have been enriched with innovative strategies and techniques requiring the use of digital tools and supports. The educational challenge that Open Group must meet is a complex and global one and requires a strong alliance between all the subjects involved in the educational and training settings. For this reason, the workshops are integrated projects (here is the complete catalog “catalogo completo” of offerings) which includes all life situations and the different age groups (life long and life wide learning), it’s divided in different areas according to theme which are inextricably bound and takes place inside schools, libraries, youth hang outs and other informal educational settings.

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