Open Group devotes part of its activities to assistance, support, and aid to families, specifically to the safety, protection and safeguard of minors when confronted with problems and shortcomings in the parents’ role. These functions and skills, in fact, must be activated in the presence of risk factors for the development of the child, even if there is no direct request on the part of the family.

This is necessary in order to activate, in an integrated manner, processes of change to guarantee a peaceful growth with positive adult figures as a model. This is possible thanks to different types of interventions and services offered by Open Group aimed at supporting parent skills and social integration: shelters for children and their mothers, shelter facilities devoted specifically to minors, foster care programs, family centers, home visits to help increase parental skills and protected visits mandated by social services and, finally interventions related to migration with services for unaccompanied immigrant minors.

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