Open Group offers services for the management, protection and enhancement of museum assets.

The services we offer include: welcoming, ticket office management, bookshop management, reception, security, care of the facility, designing and managing guided tours and instructional workshops.

Open Group trained personnel is highly qualified in order to guarantee museum patrons adequate safety, in fact they receive first aid and fire fighting training.

With the awareness that museums are places for cultural exchange, our staff is fully prepared to welcome visitors from all over the world thanks to their mastery of the main European languages and their extensive knowledge of the area’s features and assets.

Open Group assists companies and government bodies in managing and coordinating a whole range of services in order to make a museum visit a unique and highly rewarding experience.  In Bologna, Open Group manages the following museums: Museo di Palazzo Poggi, il Museo della Specola, il Museo del Risorgimento, il Museo Europeo degli Studenti

Reception and front office services

Open Group offers reception, operator and front office services for companies and public administrations, as well as mail sorting, access control , doorman  and security services.

Employees in charge of welcoming services and first briefing as guest and personnel arrive, register and/or provide any required access permits/badges. They check and record any regular maintenance actions.

They manage and dispatch incoming calls to the switchboard, take care of correspondence sorting it into incoming and outgoing mail.

Being aware that this step plays an important role for the image of their clients, Open Group employs qualified personnel, with a courteous attitude and a people/visitor oriented approach. They are also assisted by their mastery of several languages  and their constant upgrading with appropriate training.

For info: Costanza Righi tel. 347.7276505,
Sara Livotto tel. 348 700 0587,

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