Open Group specializes in supplying services related to reference and borrowing, the digital management of users’ data in compliance with privacy laws, bibliographic research, selecting and acquiring documents, promoting assets, monitoring and measuring services, security for facilities. Our main clients include the City of Bologna, the City of Modena, and the City of San Lazzaro di Savena.

We provide descriptive and semantic cataloging in compliance with national and international rules, data banks of library materials (both modern and ancient) in situ or online, graphics (photographs, postcards, posters, prints, etchings), digitally formatted documents, musical materials (scores, manuscripts) gray literature.

We offer derivative cataloging services, data bank designing and management.

In our thirty-year experience we can boast inventory review and discard activities custom made for the service we offer.

As far as library services are concerned, we work with about one hundred clients in the Emilia Romagna and Veneto areas. We set up promotional activities and initiatives aimed at different users in order to involve them and increase their interest in the library and its offerings.  We organize workshops, lectures, courses, events, readings and cultural initiatives directed at people of different ages; we design and edit publications, thematic guides, historical-documentary exhibits and their catalogs.

Our professionalism and competence (which we have developed over the years based on the analysis of the areas we operate in, training, designing and sharing), have enabled us to design services tied to the needs an ethnically diverse pool of users. Thus we provide targeted selection for purchase plans, cataloging in different languages, organizing cultural activities for children and adults, support activities aimed at schools or organizations that wish to use the facilities.

For info: Costanza Righi, tel. 347.7276505,
Argia Bertoni, tel. 339.1456420,

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