With its ability to draw from 30 years of experience in Emilia Romagna, Open Group offers high quality archival services capable of optimizing the management of your current archival needs allowing for the correct preservation of archives in their transitional phase as well as the enhancement of historical archives.

Among the services we offer is the sorting of historical and transitional archives, which is useful in order to rebuild the archive’s integrity and to find documents. By discarding unnecessary records a better management of storage is achieved as well as great space savings, which helps preservation; the description of documents and the drawing of inventories; making consistent and topographical lists to help administrative personnel in archival searches.

We also boast a lot of experience in consulting activities related to the management of current archives and digital protocol and their preservation; digitalization and digital archiving of contemporary documents.

Finally, we can enhance archives by means of instructional services aimed both to adults as well as school children.

Every service can be modulated and modeled on the status of the archive and the needs of the client  in order to optimize both the results and the expenses.

For info: Costanza Righi tel. 347.7276505, costanza.righi@opengroup.eu 
Lorena Cerasi tel. 339.8257076, lorena.cerasi@opengroup.eu

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